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Journey with artist-writer CHERYL CHRISTIANSEN through
the veil of passion to experience the varied rhythms of an
erotic, romantic encounter.

Share the depths of exotic emotions as you explore your
own hidden feelings and desires in the search for eternal love.

Fill your pen with these thoughts and love will flow from its tip.

A woman of talent… and amazing versatility
introduces her new book.

CHERYL CHRISTIANSEN, a popular actress, singer-
songwriter and dancer, merges her talents as a lyricist in the
recording industry with her fine art abilities and her
sensitivity with the pen as she inspires you to unlock the
creative, romantic and passionate side of your inner self.

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California artist, Cheryl Christiansen, is a highly creative, renaissance woman.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, she is a writer, producer, singer-songwriter, actress and dancer who has appeared on many TV shows, in feature films and on stage. Her songs have been recorded by major recording artists, including Johnny Mathis, Gladys Knight and Diana Ross. She began painting in the 1970’s when she met artist and famous film director, Jean Negulesco. His unique line drawings of people attracted her. Taking her under his wing, he became her mentor. Guiding her and encouraging her to develop all of her extensive talents, he unlocked the door to a world of art, out of which has flowed her extensive creativity. Under his tutelage, she began her painting career with pen and ink drawings splashed with color. His influence, and the impact their relationship had in her life, is evident in her sensual book, “A LOVER’S DIARY”.

Her artwork has been exhibited in Europe, the United States and the Far East, and her paintings grace the walls of homes, offices and major collections throughout the world. Working out of her studio in Los Angeles, Ms. Christiansen also spends her time producing commercials, developing projects for motion pictures and television and designing costumes for theatrical movies, as well as for her own unique line of women’s apparel and accessories that can aptly be described as wearable art.

Involved for many years in the healing arts, Ms. Christiansen experiences the process of creating a painting as a road map for the evolvement of the soul… the end result revealing the journey of the spirit toward forgiveness, love, healing and enlightenment. Believing her talents are a gift from God, she feels it is imperative to give back to the world something of the peace, beauty and vision with which she has been blessed.

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